We get a number of positive comments each year and often get little thank you notes and letters when people leave.


Find out what our tenants think about our sheffield student accommodation.

But Really:-

The best way to get an honest testimonial (wherever you decide to live) is to speak to the present tenants.

I would openly invite any prospective tenant of any of our houses to take a second viewing before signing the contract.

We can ask the current tenants to conduct a second viewing where we will not attend, so you will  be able to accertain if we are good honest landlords. 

If you go for a second viewing ask the present tenants some pertinent questions such as:

Do a Google search and you will find one or two independent landlord review websites where we get favourable independent reviews - or you could visit our Facebook page and read what our past tenants say https://www.facebook.com/studenthousesheffield/reviews/