Frequently Asked Questions About Our Student Properties

We answer you most frequently asked questions about our Sheffield student properties...

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What is the procedure for viewing a property?

Give us a call on 0114 2295575 or on Andy Heywoods mobile – 07798 867847 or via email  Please bare in mind that we like to give our tenants 24 hours notice of any viewing.  To minimise the disruption to current tenants, please ensure wherever possible that all members of your group are present to view the property.

Why should I rent my next property from you?

From your first point of contact with us you will realise that you are dealing with a friendly professional landlord. We are a small family business - there is not one of our houses that I would not happily live in myself or indeed allow my own children to live in.  You will receive a personal courteous service at all times and can be assured of an easy point of contact.  The properties speak for themselves – they are well maintained and comply with all current fire and safety regulations and where legislation dictates, they are licensed.

We appreciate this is a whole new world to lots of students so when new tenants move in we show them how all the appliances work - alarms, cookers, boilers etc.  We also provide a property booklet which includes:

My friends and I have had a viewing and love the property, what's next?

Call or email me.  I will request some details from you and then forward a draft tenancy agreement for your perusal.  We will give you ample time to check out the contract.  We will not hassle you or pressure you into signing.

What type of contract would I be entering into?

Our property is let using joint Assured Tenancy Agreements on the basis of a 12 month term (1st July to 30th June of the following year).

What should we be aware of when signing the contract?

Before entering any legally binding contract we recommend that you carefully study the wording.  We will be pleased to answer any questions, but if you are in any doubt we suggest you seek legal advice.  Please be reminded that the tenancy agreement is a joint one, consequently the responsibility for the rent and any possible damages to the property are jointly shared by all tenants named on the contract.

Are bills included?

The tenants are responsible for payment of Gas, Electricity & Water bills.  As an approximate guide, you should allow between £8.00 - £15.00p per person per week to cover payment of Gas, Electricity & Water charges.

However,  if tenants require an all inclusive rent we are able to offer this option and are happy to discuss your requirements.

Do we have to pay council tax?

No, students are exempt from payment of council tax where the house is let solely to students. We will complete the necessary paperwork and inform the council to gain your exempt.

Do we need to insure the property?

No we insure the building. You have the choice of whether to insure your own personal belongings. Endsleigh insurance can provide group or individual personal belongings insurance cover. Many parents have contents insurance that covers students while away studying - so it is well worth checking.

Is broadband included?

All our houses have a landline and are able to receive broadband. You must arrange for telephone line connection, ISP connection and provision of a router.

What is included in the property?

Generally, each bedroom contains a bed (usually a double), wardrobe, bedside cabinet, chest of drawers, shelving, desk & swivel chair - all of which is modern and matching (usually IKEA). The lounge will have sofas and dining table & chairs.The kitchen provides electric cooker/hob, fridge/freezer, washing machine and microwave as minimum – some have tumble dryer and dishwasher!

What fire prevention does the property have?

All properties are fitted with integrated hard wired smoke/heat alarms. The kitchen is provided with a fire blanket. The larger houses have fire doors and emergency lighting – please check each house on an individual basis.

Does the property comply with current regulations? 

Yes.  All our properties are checked annually and have the appropriate certificates which are available for inspection.  The furniture & furnishings are compliant with the Fire Safety Regs.

What can I expect as a new tennant?

We will try and make your move as simple as possible. We will greet you with your keys at your new home and show you how the appliances work. We will show you where the meters are and explain anything you are unsure of. Each house has a comprehensive greeting booklet with all the details you will need including copies of all certificates, instruction books, safety procedures, etc.

Can I end my tenancy agreement early?

No! Notice can not be given. On signing any Assured Tenancy Contract, you must understand that you have entered in to a legally binding agreement for the duration of the agreed term. However, should you request to be released from your contract, and providing that you find a replacement to take over your tenancy and that any such replacement is in full agreement with your co-tenants and the replacement proves suitable to us (permission would not be unreasonably withheld) and providing that you have met all your obligations under the terms of your tenancy agreement and have paid all rents which may be due, you may then be released from your tenancy contract. In these circumstances, the outgoing tenant shall pay us an administration fee of £50.00.

How do I arrange payment of ulility bills?

When you move in to a property you must take meter readings for gas and electricity (we will show you how to do this). You then have to register all utilities in your name and that of your fellow housemates then give the companies the readings you have taken. Full details and telephone numbers of the current suppliers will be made available in our greeting booklet when you move in.

What happens if I have problems onced moved in?

During office hours (infact 8am till about 8pm the mobile is on) you can call us or email us with your problem and we will promptly attend to it.

Can we have a satellite dish installed?


Can I re-decorate my room?

No, we use professional decorators.

Can I fix a lock on my door?

No, we let houses to pre-formed groups of friends. Do not sign a contract with any landlord if you have any doubts about any of your future housemates!

What safety measures are incorporated within the house?

We are well aware of the problems that could occur in a shared property and gladly advice tenants on safety measures.  When moving in, we will greet you and explain how all the appliances work and instructions for these are provided within our greeting booklet. A list of basic safety precautions is available within the manual.  We will also demonstrate the burglar alarm and how the smoke and heat detection system works. .  All have carbon monoxide detectors for your added safety.

We want to take the house and sign contracts, whats next?

Give me a call and I will arrange to meet up with you all.  Upon signing contracts you will have to pay your bond/deposit of £300 each.  This is 100% refundable at the end of the contract as long as there is no damage and the house is clean – as per the inventory you will have to sign when moving into the property.

I love my property, can I stay for another year?

In October we contact all our present tenants giving them first option of re-signing.